David Range

David Range is grateful to be the pastor of Miramar United Methodist Church since July of 2005. Pictured with him is his wife, Pastor CJ Walter, and their son Benjamin. David grew up in Maryland but has served appointments with CJ in Falmouth, Jamaica, and in three different locations in the Republic of Ireland: Dunkineely and Ardara, West Cork, and the Limerick and Shannon circuit. During their time in south Florida CJ has served the Cokesbury United Methodist Church in Margate. During their time together they have enjoyed the mixing of many cultures in our world and, especially in Miramar UMC. We have lively worship with a Caribbean flavor. We share in food giveaways and many other acts of mercy. We pursue justice for all in Broward County and the State of Floria through Broward Organized Leaders Doing Justice, BOLD Justice. We invite you to join with us on Sundays for worship usually at 8:30 and 11:00 a.m. On the fifth Sundays of the month we have one 10 a.m. service where the two congregations get to meet up with each other. We also have one 10 a.m. service for the Christmas Cantata the third Sunday in Decemeber, the Easter Cantata on Palm Sunday, the Multi-cultural Service on the second Sunday in June, and the Pastor Appreciation service the last Sunday in December. We invite you join with us to have your spirit enlivened by the Light of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Music Director

Donna Simms

Native of Louisville, Kentucky Donna moved in 1967 to Miramar when the city was very young and most residents could hear the cows mooing all the time. As the city grew some members of Temple Methodist Church in Hollywood started worshipping at 6700 Miramar Parkway and this eventually became the Miramar United Methodist Church on 2507 Utopia Drive which was opened in 1962. Donna’s father came to the church first, but Donna followed in 1973 and joined the church with her mother on May 20. Donna became the director of the youth choir called the Tower of Love. She enjoyed working with the teenagers especially as the girls wore long dresses and the boys wore white shirts and dress pants. Every time they sang it was a special occasion!

When the organist at the time resigned Donna was asked to take over playing all the music on Sunday mornings. On another occasion the choir director did not show up and Donna took on that role as well. Now she directs the choir while she plays the piano. Donna also assists many others with her musical and caring talents.

Donna has served faithfully through eight pastors and in the last 11 years has become involved in Broward Organized Leaders Doing Justice, BOLD Justice where she has served as team leader and on research committees. She advocated with BOLD Justice for an ordinance that encouraged companies to hire Broward residents in special need. She worked for sheriff’s officers to be trained to deal appropriately with mentally ill people. She has also served as the co-chair of the personnel committee. She has learned to communicate effectively in front of large groups for the sake of pursuing justice for others. Through her efforts and those of 24 other churches in Broward County Donna has rejoiced in the passage of civil citations for youth who deserve another chance rather than an arrest record.

Donna is often found around the church office, serving on countless committees, and helping her neighbors and church friends.

Donna is thankful for her son Scott who also works in the music business, and who lives in the Atlanta, GA region with his wife Shawn, and Donna’s grandson Alexander.

Preschool Director

Marleni Brant-Pomare

Administrative Assistant

Bethune Davey



Ravindra Ramtahal


Mario Perez