BOLD Justice

BOLD Justice is a group of 20 churches of different denominations around Broward County who are concerned about those suffering from unjust systems.

We are called by God to live out the message of Hebrew prophet Micah 6:8 to "do justice, love mercy and walk humbly with our God."

We are a grass roots organization that begins our annual cycle by having house meetings where all are invited to share those situations where they feel injustice is taking place.

From those experiences we gather together to choose an issue to research and work together on in order to improve the lot of our neighbors and friends we do not know yet in Broward county. 

We gather for a rally to become aware of the proposed solution(s) and then our highlight of the year is the Nehemiah Action when we invite decision-makers to our group to ask them to make necessary changes.

We are thankful for the many good relations we have with decision makers and the many victories we have for the cause of justice.

We thank all those who invest in the work of BOLD Justice with their financial resources, their time, and their energy. We believe we  are making an important difference in the life of those who reside in Broward County.

Thanks be to God!