October 19 2014

October 19 2014

Miramar United Methodist Church 

Celebrating 54 years of Ministry!

MUMC, in the heart of Miramar, a place for gathering, healing, and sending out friends, helping to create a sense of family to find new life in Christ

Order of Worship, October 19, 2014 8:30 & 11:00 a.m. services

Pastor: David Range

As a courtesy to allplease place cell phones and pagers to silent mode.


Call to Worship


*Hymn 139                                                                                 Praise to the Lord




*Praise and Worship

Welcome and Recognition of Visitors

Birthday and Anniversary Recognition, Registration of Attendance, Announcements, *Sharing the Spirit. Visitors are invited to come to our Welcome Center on the Utopia Drive “front porch” after the service.

(Try to learn the name of someone you don’t know.)


Scripture                                Galatians 1:13 to 2:1


Children’s Time


*Hymn 170                                                                              O How I Love Jesus


Reception of Tithes and Offerings and Salty Service cards. Think of what you can do to help others this week.


Doxology (Hymn 95) “Praise God, from Whom all Blessings Flow”

(The Nursery is open in Room 11, where the service can be viewed and heard by parents with children needing to be settled. Sunday School is for those aged 3-11. Please follow the teachers to your classrooms.)


Sharing Joys & Concerns


Prayer Hymn 375 (African American  Hymnal)                     I Must Tell Jesus


Pastoral prayer and Lord’s Prayer

(You are invited to come forward for prayer, dedication or rededication. If you have made a commitment to the Lord or if you would like to become a member of the church please speak with Pastor David for prayer and the next step.)


Anthem                                    How Great Is Our God                              Choir


Sermon                   Paul, called to the Gentiles, living with encouragement                            

                                                                                            Pastor David Range                                                                    


*Hymn of Commitment 241 (Caribbean Hymnal) In My Heart There Rings A        Melody


Benediction and Postlude (please join hands)                                  


Today’s Mission offering is for Women in Distress

Next Sunday’s is for Apportionments

Attendance for last Sunday 145


Events this week: 

TodayBible Study with Pastor Garnes 10:00 a.m.

Tonight: Prayer meeting 6:00 p.m.

Monday: MUMC Team meeting 6:30 and Admin Council at 7:30

Tuesday Community Problems Assembly at St. Maurice at Resurrection church, 7:30 p.m. Network and Team members should attend. Please see insert and mark which issue you would like us to vote for or speak to one of the team or network members listed there. We are a “grass roots” organization and we want to hear what you think.

Wednesday: Bible Study 7:00 p.m.

Thursday: Choir practice 7:00 p.m.

Friday: Youth Fellowship 7:00 p.m.

Next Sunday: Pastor Appreciation joint 10:00 a.m. service


Looking ahead:

Monday October 27 PPR meeting at 7:30 p.m.

November 7, 8, 9 Revival services with Pastor Michael Anderson preaching

February 16-26, 2015 Trip to Israel through the Jerusalem Center for Biblical Studies; see host Pastor David or pick up a registration brochure on the back tableSave your place with $300 deposit. Please note trip participants, your second payment is due by November 3.


Finance report for last Sunday 

Envelopes and Loose Collection$   2491.00

Building Fund/Trustees$   50.00

Roof Repair  92.00

Mission$ 129.00


Bulletins today are given by Florencia Velasco-Cordoba in loving memory of all her aunts, uncles, and cousins.


Welcome to all visitors.  You are invited to stand during the service and introduce yourself, or to have someone else introduce you.  We want to give you one of our welcome packs and therefore encourage you to fill out the card and tear off the badge, write your name on it and wear it so that we can greet you during and after the serviceNote that there is a wheelchair entrancefrom the back parking lot through the double doors. The church has a wheelchair in the back of the sanctuary for anyone wishing to assist a person coming to a meeting. Rest rooms for the disabled are available in the Preschool wing.


Please see the “No More Malaria” big bottle in the foyer and make a contribution to save a person’s life for only $10.


Thank you for your gifts, the tithes and offerings, to the church, they help build up the Kingdom of God in this place and send blessings into the world-wide community. Giving options include putting cash or check in the envelopes provided (if you can please use the ones printed with your name on them.) On these envelopes you may designate which funds you would most like to support. Otherwise they will be credited to the General Fund where they will be used for the most important needs of the church. Also some people have directed their payroll service to send a check in the mail every pay period and thus their tithe is kept up to date in a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly way and it costs nothing extra to do this. For more information on this or other giving options please contact the Finance Committee Chair Kevin Ramsey.


Today is the deadline for purchasing delicious Cookie Dough and Cheesecakes from the United Methodist Women. Grab the opportunity now to support the UMW missions. Speak to any member of the UMW.


The 41st Conference Annual Meeting of the Florida Conference United Methodist Women takes place Saturday November 15, 2014 at the First United Methodist Church, Lakeland.  Registration fee is $25 with lunch, $10 without lunch. Bus leaves our parking lot at 5:00 a.m. Cost $40 round trip. Deadline to register is October 10. Please see Marvia Aitken for details.


Sunday October 26 is Pastor Appreciation joint service at 10:00 a.m. Our district superintendent Rev. Dr. Craig Nelson will be speaking. Please plan to be here to show your appreciation to your pastor.


First Church, Coral Springs invites all to a seminar on the Art of Marriage, October 17 & 18, 2014. $40 per couple. For more information call 954-642-8555.


New Upper Room Daily Devotional Guides are available. Make sure your family uses one and get one for a friend and talk to them about Jesus! 


Prayer ConcernsThanks for Wesley who gave a kidney to Sallyannfor Madison, for those who need to become aware of Domestic Violence Awareness Month, for Doug to move better, for Gary and Sunhui to reconcile with family, A.J.’s blood sugar & job, Janet joyful in successful move, for Alma as she needs strength, Liezette traveling mercies, for those losing jobs due to virus, Cathy joyful to return to worship after health concerns, Jessica happy for a good year in job and with family especially for Shaun as he settles into life in this country, for Roy as he takes care of Greta with a smile, Ineta thankful for prayer that helped her get better. Thanks to all of my church family and new people that I meet—blessings on us all, Quintin and family, Cecille & Esther & rest of family, sick & shut in, to contain Ebola & ISIS, for the persecuted church, Andrea Nugent, Indira Robinson, those effected by chikungunya, Wendy’s shoulder, Maria Elena’s brother, Jonathan, Randy, for Pastor David on his birthday, Angie & family, Roger, Stacy, Alixis, Chip, Lucy, Martha in her search for a job, Earnestine Kelly as she recovers from surgery.


US Armed Forces: HM3Adam Ramsey, Navy; Sgt. Jonathan Orejuela, Marines; LaShawn Knight, Army-Afghanistan; A.J. Daley, Army.


Miramar UMC, 2507 Utopia Dr. Mir. FL 33023 Tel: 9/989-4711, Fax: 9/989-4315 www.miramarumc.org, email:mirumeth@bellsouth.net    

















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