October 9 2011

        Miramar United Methodist Church

Celebrating 50 years of Ministry!

 “Making Disciples of Jesus Christ for the Transformation of the World” through Passionate Worship, Radical Hospitality, Intentional

Discipling, Salty Service, & Extravagant Generosity

Order of Worship for October 9, 2011, 8:30 & 11:00 a.m. services

Pastor: David Range

As a courtesy to all, Please place cell phones and pagers to silent mode.


*Praise & Worship                                                                                




*Hymn 66                                           Praise my soul, the King of Heaven


Welcome and Recognition of Visitors

Birthday and Anniversary Recognition, Registration of Attendance, Announcements, *Sharing the Spirit (Please be seated when the music starts.)


Scripture                                Matthew 22:1-14


Children’s Time


*Hymn 277                                                             Tell me the stories of Jesus


Reception of Tithes and Offerings and Salty Service cards


Doxology (Hymn 95) “Praise God, from Whom all Blessings Flow”

(Sunday School begins for those aged 2 to 12. The Nursery is available in Room 11, where the service can be viewed and heard by   parents with children needing to be settled.)


Sharing Joys & Concerns


Prayer Hymn 144                                                        This is my Father’s World

(you are invited to come forward for prayer, dedication or rededication. If you have made a commitment to the Lord or if you would like to become a member of the church please speak with Pastor David for prayer and the next step.)


Pastoral prayer and Lord’s Prayer


Anthem                                “Peace Be Still”                                               Choir


Sermon          “At the banquet...in your pajamas               Pastor David Range         


 *Hymn of Commitment 557                                    Blest Be the Tie That Binds

(You are invited to come forward to pray.)


Benediction and Postlude (please join hands)


Today’s Mission offering is for Apportionments

Next Sunday’s is for Women in Distress

Attendance for last Sunday was 149


Events this week:

Today: Adult Sunday School with Pastor Garnes at 10:00

Tonight: Revival meeting 6:30 p.m. with Minister Todd Procaccini

              Monday: Trustees 7:30
              Monday: Choir 7:30 p.m.

Tuesday: Finance 7:30 p.m. all budgets should be in by this date

Wednesday: Bible Study at 7:00.  “The Next Christians”

Thursday: BOLD Justice 7:30 1st Lutheran Church, Ft. Lauderdale

Friday: Games 6:30 Youth Fellowship 7:00 p.m.

Saturday: Care Coordinator's Training 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m., Lunch is provided


Dates to remember for the future:

Tuesday Oct. 18 first IT Tech Team for worship meets 7:30
Thursday Oct. 27 Bold Justice Community Problems Assembly 7:30
Sunday Oct. 30 Joint 10 a.m. worship service with youth
Tuesday Nov. 1 Admin Council 7:30
Sun Nov. 6 Charge Conf. Ebenezer UMC, 2001 NW 35 St., Mia, 4 p.m.
Saturday Nov. 12 Harvest Dinner 6:30 p.m.
Sunday Nov. 20 Harvest services 8:30 and 11 a.m.
Sunday Dec. 4 Dist. Christmas Concert, 1st UMC, C. Gables, 4 p.m.
Sunday Dec. 11 Home Grown Christmas Concert 6:00 p.m.


Finance report for last Sunday

Envelopes and Loose Collection $   2356.00

Building Fund/Trustees $       95.00

Roof Repair $     157.25

Mission $     323.00


Bulletins are given today by Donna Simms in honor of her Scott Hoffman celebrating his birthday


Welcome to all visitors.  You are invited to stand during the service and introduce yourself, or to have someone else introduce you.  We want to give you one of our welcome packs and therefore encourage you to fill out the card and tear off the badge, write your name on it and wear it so that we can greet you during and after the service. Please note that there is a wheelchair entrance from the back parking lot through the double doors. The church has a wheelchair in the back of the sanctuary for anyone wishing to assist a person coming to a meeting. Rest rooms for the disabled are available in the Preschool wing. LARGE PRINT HYMN -BOOKS ARE AVAILABLE FROM THE USHERS.


The UMW asks that you support he ‘Yes We Can’ Gospel Concert in support of cancer patients, at Cooper City Church of God, Oct. 21at 7:30 p.m. Please call Gilda at 954-432-0606 for further information.


The Preschool asks that you continue to share information about their programs and the facilities. As usual we appreciate your support.


The Travelling Bassinet is here on its annual stop for us to fill with    clothes and related items for new-born babies.


Volunteers needed for the next six weeks to help clean the church, hall and offices since our custodian is recovering from his fall. If you can help for a few hours on Monday or Saturday (or any day in between) please speak to the Trustees chair, Shirley Gregg-Leonce, or Johnnie, or Pastor David.


Prayer Concerns: Comfort of the family of Craig Talbot, for those who need food that they will be able to get food stamps, for Martha's family since her uncle passed away, joy the Don Lopez is out of hospital and recovering at home, for Jeannie to get second interview/to get job, for Dr. Mendez and America's Quality Care Services, for Andrew and friends to win soccer game, rejoicing that Roliver is out of hospital, for Ruth as she attends Colorado conference, for the families of Veteran Administration workers lost in Nepal, for Brandon Chung, Melba thanking God for strength, praise for Kyle doing better, for Ann to get modification on mortgage, thanks for Rene's visit and for all the Gator band is doing while traveling, Shirley praising God for MRI that was negative but continuing praying for pain to be removed from wrists and for job managers to become more compassionate, for foster kids who are going through difficult times and those who support them like Marvia and Ella, for Johnnie's aunt Inez having suffered a major stroke, praise for Derrick remaining in control of car even when stung by a bee, Spencer thankful for martial arts show going well and for processing on towards new belt, for Judith's mother coming out of hospital praise, for Laura's cousin and her husband, for her sister Louise, for Art Clarke, for highlighting breast cancer awareness month and especially Bio Girls help, for Shannon's friend whose mother died when that's all she had, for Jane and Jack as they have lost their good friend Cosmo, for Carla as her workplace moves much closer to her home, for Esther's eye procedure to go well, for all teachers who have to do a very difficult job and especially Marcia who Cathy knows, Felix friend Adam who has lost his parents.  

Rev. Denzil Southwood-Smith,  Royland & Greta Jarrett, Loretta Parris, Ruby Miller, Pat Mark, Don Lopez, the Gooden Family, Tracey Smith, Ouida Menzies, Jack & Donna Hurley, Esther Dillon, Hervin & Dorothy Lawrence, Winnifred Samuels, Rudolph Stewart, Gale Walter, Edie Range, Lisa Andre, Potter family, Victor Ayayee, Michael Grant, BOLD Justice, Grace McCorkle, Doris McDowell, Lars Clunie, Ralston & Millicent Gardner, Niven Stewart, Catherine Wheedleton. If you need prayer during the week please call Grandma Hyacinth Robinson at 954-435-4036 and your concern will be put on the Prayer Chain. After you call her, for emergencies or to report someone in the hospital please be sure you call Pastor at the office 954-989-4711 or on his cell  954-495-6104,  or email the office at mirumeth@bellsouth.net. We will keep the name on for two weeks, unless you notify us otherwise.


US Armed Forces: Adam Ramsay, Navy; SGT Jonathan Orejuela, Marines


Pastor: David Range, Miramar UMC, 2507 Utopia Drive, Miramar, FL 33020















































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