November 24 2013

Miramar United Methodist Church 
Celebrating 53 years of Ministry!
MUMC, in the heart of Miramar, a place for gathering, healing, and sending out friends, helping to create a sense of family to find new life in Christ
Order of Worship November 24, 2013 8:30 & 11:00 a.m.
Harvest Thanksgiving
Pastor: David Range
As a courtesy to all, please place cell phones and pagers to silent mode.
Call to Worship​​        
*Processional Hymns 694             Come Ye Thankful People Come followed by
*Hymn 147                                                       All Things Bright and Beautiful
                                      (all children are invited to process to the altar with their gifts)
Responsive Prayer​​​                          
*Praise & Worship
Welcome and Recognition of Visitors
Birthday and Anniversary Recognition, Registration of Attendance, Announcements, *Sharing the Spirit. Visitors are invited to come to our Welcome Center on the Utopia Drive “front porch” after the service.
(Try to learn the name of someone you don’t know.)
Responsive reading 830           (Psalm 107: 1-9, 33-43)
Scripture read in unison:            Philippians 4:4-9
Gospel:                                       Matthew 12:1-8
Children’s Time/Builder’s Time
*Hymn                                                                   God Gave Us Soil for Planting                                                                        
Reception of Tithes and Offerings ​​                
Doxology (Hymn 95) “Praise God, from Whom all Blessings Flow”
(The Nursery is open and professionally staffed in Room 11, where the service can be viewed and heard by parents with children needing to be settled)
Sharing Joys & Concerns and Thanksgiving Testimonials​                                        
Prayer Hymn                                                Praise, O Praise Our God and King                                                                        
(You are invited to come forward for prayer, dedication or rededication. If you have made a commitment to the Lord or if you would like to become a member of the church please speak with Pastor David for prayer and the next step.)
Pastoral prayer and Lord’s Prayer​
Anthem             Enter His Gates With Thanksgiving                                                Choir
Sermon                              “Dancing for Joy”                                   Pastor David Range                          
*Hymn of Commitment                       We Plough the Fields and Scatter the Good Seed
Benediction and Postlude (please join hands)​                                  
Today’s Mission offering is for Apportionments
Next Sunday’s is for Good Samaritan Fund
Attendance for last Sunday was 172
Events This Week :
Today: After the 11:00 a.m. service is Harvest Sale in the Fellowship Hall!
Monday: UMW packing Thanksgiving Baskets 5p.m., Hanging of the Greens 7:00 p.m.
Tuesday: Choir practice 7:00 p.m.
Wednesday: Bible Study 7:00 p.m.
Thursday: Enjoy Thanksgiving Day, church office closed Thursday and Friday.
Those who are traveling together to Norland UMC, 885 NW 195th Street, Miami, 33169, meet in our church parking lot at 7:45 a.m.
Friday: NO Methodist Youth Fellowship
Next Sunday: Birthday Recognition Fellowship Breakfast between services, Toy Drive begins for Pre School, Book Fair in hallway, New Members joining at both services.
Dates for the future:
Monday Dec. 2 Nurture Committee 7:30 p.m.
Tuesday Dec. 3 Jobs Research Committee at New Jerusalem Baptist church, 7:00 p.m.
Sunday Dec. 8 Home Grown Christmas Concert 6:00 p.m.
Monday Dec. 16 Criminal Justice Research Committee 7:00 p.m. at Little Flower RC
Finance report for last Sunday
Envelopes and Loose Collection​​​​$ 2875.50
Building Fund/Trustees​​​​​$  60.50
Roof Repair​​​​​​$  39.50
Mission​​​​​​​$  366.00
Bulletins today are given by Judy Minott in honor of Joshua’s 11th birthday.
Welcome to all visitors.  You are invited to stand during the service and introduce yourself, or to have someone else introduce you.  We want to give you one of our welcome packs and therefore encourage you to fill out the card and tear off the badge, write your name on it and wear it so that we can greet you during and after the service. Note that there is a wheelchair entrance from the back parking lot through the double doors. The church has a wheelchair in the back of the sanctuary for anyone wishing to assist a person coming to a meeting. Rest rooms for the disabled are available in the Preschool wing.
Please indicate to Pastor if you would like to publish the address of loved ones in the military. If you would like to send greetings to Kevin & Olga Ramsey’s son serving in Afghanistan please use this address: ​
AHM3 Ramsey, Adam, 3/7 H&S Motor T, Unit 46075, FPO AP 96427-6075
Entertainment News: Remember to sign up for Memphis the musical and save the date for the Hatsume festival March 29, 2014. Come be a part of the new theater season!
Justice Ministry Announcement: Our newest project will involve all the Florida D.A.R.T. justice ministries working together on problems related to mass incarceration. The Jobs Committee is continuing to work to get the Jobs Ordinance passed for the unemployed in Broward County.  If you, or anyone you know would be willing to speak about being unemployed at a Broward County Commission meeting or the Nehemiah Action in April, please talk to either Donna or Pastor David.  We will keep you informed of the meeting dates as they occur. The Jobs Committee is continuing to work with Commissioner Holness on the Jobs Ordinance for Broward County. The letters to the commissioners are at each entrance to the sanctuary.  A Bold Justice member will be there to help you. If you have not yet signed one, please do. These letters are being taken to each commissioner daily, as they are received.
The Branches Thanksgiving Meal Delivery Program helps to brighten the holiday for those in need by working with volunteers to cook, package and deliver Thanksgiving Meals to thousands of individuals and families. In 2012, Branches provided over 7,300 meals to our less-fortunate community members on Thanksgiving morning with help from over 1,500 volunteers. You could be one of those volunteers this Thanksgiving 8 a.m. to noon or a driver 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. A group of us will be going to help at Norland UMC in nearby Miami Gardens (885 NW 195th Street.) We meet in the parking lot to travel together at 7:45 a.m. Go to or learn more on These are the people we know of who are interested in helping serve the Thanksgiving meal at Norland UMC: Roland and Phyllis Abel, Angie Etienne, Eleanor Champagne, Allison Feurtado, Nicholas Thomas, Joan, Olivia, and Shannon Tapper, Nick Smith, Sharon Allen, Gwen Pickering, Carla Williamson, Marvia Aitken, Sophia Williams, David Range, Sharie Gordon, Aneita Gordon, Laura Hodge, Celia Hynds-Wright, Geoff McCorkle, Gail Stephenson, Shirley Clarke. Register yourself on the above website please or see Pastor David or Sharon Allen.
Prayer Concerns: For Don Lopez’s family as they continue to support one another, for Alicia as she travels to her mother, for blessings on America’s Quality Care Services, for Maureen’s cousin Norma as she makes decisions about cancer treatment, for Bettyanne to heal--with thanksgiving for her friend’s family being found in the Philippines, Florrie’s cousin and Brian, Jessica’s medical needs and work as lay offs having been taking place, Jennifer’s mother Alma as she takes tests, for A.J.’s surgery on Nov. 25, praise for Jonas’ employer allowing him to work at a different job while he recovers, Derrick’s cousin and her father to heal from car accidents, Audley to continue to heal and for the Francis family as they mourn one murdered, Dalia’s family to recover from kidnapping, Laura & James as they mourn their children, for the new health insurance system to work well with praise for Myrna & Stanford getting registered, Andrew & Cindy as they travel, Liezette as she goes into difficult meetings in Nassau, praise for UMW helping St. Lucia and having new officers, Roy Crooks as he deals with medical tests, Natalie’s family illnesses to get better.
US Armed Forces: HM3Adam Ramsey, Navy-Afghanistan; Sgt. Jonathan Orejuela, Marines; LaShawn Knight, Army-Afghanistan; A.J. Daley, Army.
Miramar UMC, 2507 Utopia Dr. Miramar FL 33023,
Tel: 954-989-4711, Fax: 954-989-4711,            

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